Black Light Theatre comes to Istanbul!

The Black Light Theatre of Prague, whose 'IMAGE' theatre has dominated the Prague cultural scene for 15 years and staged upwards of 6,000 plays around the world, will be at Istanbul's Türker İnanoğlu Maslak Show Center (TİM) with its dance of lights on 9,10 and 11 January.

The story of 'Image', a special theater based on a synthesis of dance, modern jazz, contemporary music and pantomime, began in 1989 with Alexander Cihar's and Eva Asterova's dream of a theatre ensemble. The group gave its premiere performance in 1990. A combination of 'Jazzmime Stories', 'Black Theater' and solo pantomime, it performed all the traditional pantomime sketches to the music of composer Zdenek played live by the jazz formation Naima. In 1994 it expanded its sound and light effects with films and designed 'Night Flight'.

At 9 p.m. on 9-10 January and 3 p.m. on 11 January at TİM. Tel: (0212) 286 66 86