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  • ‘Foreign’ stories through the lens of Gökşin Varan

    This exhibition presents portraits of foreigners currently living in Turkey in an audio-visual approach by Istanbul photographer Gökşin Varan.

    Men and women from both East and West and from poor as well as rich countries, these foreigners turn their serious, thought-provoking, sometimes sad glances on viewers from amidst some rather unexpected Istanbul landscapes. The portraits’ audio component consists of the 7-8 minute life stories of each foreigner, told either in their own native languages or in their differently accented Turkish, and recorded on an MP3 player by Oğuzcan Şehiraltı.
    11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily except Sundays through 20 July at the Karşı Sanat Calışmaları Gallery on Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sok.