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  • Nature expressed in pieces of wood

    Filiz Ateş’s and Christiane Alaettinoğlu’s exhibition, ‘Don’t Call Me Wood’, which they put together by giving life to pieces of ‘yalos’, is coming to art lovers at the Ottoman Dockyards Kaymakamlık Art Gallery, from 9 to 22 July.

    Bodrum’s first dockyard, built in 1775 and now restored. The artists sum up their exhibition as follows: “The name ‘yalos’, given to the pieces of wood washed ashore by the river at Alanya, is thought to derive from the Greek ‘yalos’.  Gathered on the seashore, driftwood like this is the work of such unequaled masters as wind, sea and sand. Our job was to bring these wonders of nature together without cutting or interfering with them in any way and show you what we saw.” Terminating on the beach, the driftwood’s journey continues in Yalos.