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  • ‘To be continued’ with Melih Ünen

    Melih Ünen’s album, ‘Arkası Yarınlara’ (To Be Continued), with its modern interpretation of retro sounds, brings a breath of fresh air to those who are tired of the computer domination in today’s music and miss the old songs.

    Following a musical education in Vienna, Ünen has performed at top venues over the years with his group Kamelion. The song, “Beşiktas - Üsküdar” on his new album draws attention with its vocals by the singer Göksel.  Melih Ünen’s words on the album cover suffice to sum it up: “However we may explore love, it was the song in the background that perhaps stayed behind and left its stamp on time... From Abba to Zappa... and all the good stuff...”