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  • Up in Flames, Reduced to Ashes

    Painter Elif Karadayı has mounted her seventh one-man exhibition ‘Yandı, Bitti, Kül Oldu’ (literally, It Burned, It’s Finished, It Became Ashes) together with fellow travelers Selen Verel and interior decorator Ferit Dalbudak of Project Masif.

    Open to art lovers through 15 June at the Istanbul Modern Arts Gallery in Balmumcu-Beşiktaş. Elif Karadayı has combined an endeavor that started with colors with Project Masif’s designs, with the result that art has ended up on chest of drawers, a dressing table and an armchair! Among the many fascinating pieces in this show,  the ‘Where’s the Ax?’ cupboard, the ‘It Escaped to the Mountains’ bicycle, the ‘Neighbor Neighbor’ armchair and the ‘The Cow Drank It’ refrigerator are especially worth seeing.