Turkey Through the Eyes of the Edinburgh Review

One of Great Britain's most respected journals of culture, literature and criticism with roots going back to the 1800s, the Edinburgh Review features the works of well-known Turkish writers and poets in its January 2009 issue.

Ten photographs from the exhibition “Istanbullu”, mounted in Athens in 2006 by Alp Sime representing Galeri x-ist, are also used in the issue of this journal which focuses on literary analysis through critical thought. Sime's photograph, “Çocuk” (Child), which was well received by visitors to the exhibition, “Paralax”, which ended on 14 February, also appears on the cover of the issue. Published in the issue are Cemil Kavukçu's works “My Big Sister”, “Who were we running from, mother?”, and Selçuk Altun's “It was Years and Years Ago” in the Fiction section, Enis Batur's 'Balcony”, “Wooden Chest”, and “Treasure” in the Poetry section, and Orhan Pamuk's Opening Address at the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair in the Articles section.