Small Scale, Big Story

A successful diorama artist who has served as creative director for several major agencies, Kenan Ataseven is now showing the works he has created on his own to visitors at the İlayda Art Gallery 4 March through 4 April.

Defined as the three-dimensional modeling of a moment, whether of fact or fiction, dioramas are a challenging area of static modeling that require supreme expertise. The salient feature of scale models, each one a handmade work that takes hours to complete, is their ability to reflect a sense of reality despite their small dimensions. The artist has ensured this with great patience and painstaking detail. The materials used in the diorama are extremely varied and creative, ranging from a water bottle cap and a pizza box to a tea strainer and a fragment of wood. The models are on a 1/35 scale; in other words, a table or chair in one of Kenan Ataseven's models is less than half the size of your thumb! Tel: (0 212) 227 92 92