Turkey's First Ski Marathon Begins!

Organized by the Anatolian Marathon Association, Turkey's first and only ski marathon is taking place at Bolu Aladağ on Sunday, 8 March.

 Among the foreign skiers taking part in the marathon, which aspires to become a world class event, are Estonia's Deputy Speaker of Parliament and former Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland. Ojuland and her delegation will also pay a visit to Ankara for official contacts following the marathon.
The first marathon was organized last year through the efforts of ski buffs such as Märt Volmer, the former Estonian ambassador and a cross country skier himself, and Jaanus Teppan, Chief Trainer of the Cross Country National Team, who came together under the aegis of the Anatolian Marathon Association; among those crossing the finish line on the 35-km track was the Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, who participated as guest of honor. www.anamar.org.tr