Lulu On The Bridge

Jazz musician Izzy Maurer is accidentally shot in a New York night club and his life changes drastically.

Drawn by the spell of a mysterious stone, Izzy sets out on a fairytale-like journey through the weird, frightening labyrinth of his soul.With novels such as The New York Trilogy, The Music of Chance, Moon Palace and Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster was already one of the major authors of recent American literature, and he proceded to win the hearts of the movie-going public by writing scenarios for Smoke and Blue in the Face. Now Lulu on the Bridge is a film for which Auster has not only written the script but also acted as director. Lulu on the Bridge is a thriller with a fairytale flavor, but above all the story of love’s healing powers. We offer this unique Auster scenario as accompanied by an interview conducted with the author. For all Auster readers as well as cinema freaks.