A personal story

Photographer Coşkun Aşar’s exhibition, ‘Araf/Limbo’, in which he tells the story of how he was ‘caught in the middle’, is coming to art lovers at eskonsept from 25 May to 20 June.

‘Araf/Limbo’ is a personal story created by the young photographer Coşkun Aşar from his life and state of mind over the past four years. In the 45 photos he has chosen, Aşar presents the memories of himself and of others who have been ‘caught in the middle’.  Aşar has compiled the story, which consists of moments from his own life, from his diaries and projects. The text was written by the French writer on art and theater, Bruno le Dantec. ‘Araf/Limbo’ is a story about the light in the darkness in which the storyteller exists and in which what is described hovers between dream and reality. Born in 1974, Coşkun Aşar attended the Nordens Fotoskola on a Swedish Institute scholarship and was among fifteen photographers chosen for World Press Photo’s Turkey seminars.  In 2004 he was among twenty photographers invited to participate in an exhibition held on the 50th anniversary of Leica AG’s M series. The exhibition toured the world for two years. In 2007 Aşar was included along with four other photographers, among them Turkey’s acclaimed Ara Güler, in the exhibition, ‘L’Altra Istanbul’, held at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome. Tel: (0212) 231 69 87