A Passionate Collector For 32 Years

Semine Duygun has been saving all her plane tickets since she made her first flight in 1978. She has a collection today.

Each ticket harbors memories for Semine Duygun, who was determined to hold onto those memories and preserve them from oblivion in the fast pace of everyday life. Over time, collecting tickets went beyond being a pleasant hobby to become an overriding passion for her.  Duygun, who regards her ticket-saving zeal as a way of protecting and preserving values, began by collecting dolls as a child. Eventually, she donated her collection to the Istanbul Toy Museum where it can be seen today.
Her airplane ticket collection has a special meaning for Duygun, who says she loves traveling by air. When she looks at the tickets, which remind her of flights that have taken her over the years to friends and loved ones as well as cities she loved and longed to see, a smile spreads over her face and her memories are rekindled.