The Big Fish Don’t Eat The Little Fish

Turkey has opened its first and only modern aquarium, Turkuazoo. Located in Bayrampaşa’s Forum Istanbul, Turkuazoo boasts some twenty thousand aquatic creatures.

Turkuazoo is one of those rare venues where everyone in the family from seven to seventy  can spend time together with never a dull moment. For it gives visitors a glimpse into a world with which very few people are familiar - the deep sea world of sharks, sea turtles, octopuses and the giant algae-eating creatures known as plecos. An 80-meter-long underwater tunnel made of acrylic passes through the aquarium, giving visitors the impression they are swimming with the fish. And in the observation hall with its 270-degree underwater angle, the fish are quite literally close enough to touch.
The sharks are the most fascinating by far of the creatures you can see at Turkuazoo, which was built at a cost of 17 million Euros. There are thirty of them in the aquarium, ten of them the large species. These sharks, the largest of which measures three meters in length, were transported to Turkuazoo by airplane and giant semi-trailer truck.

The large fish living in the aquarium do not eat the smaller fish, because the stomachs of the large fish are always full!

There are precisely 6 million liters of sea water in the aquarium. Transported from the Sea of Marmara in tankers, this water is constantly circulated.

Fish such as the dolphin are not allowed in the aquarium, because marine mammals are believed to have feelings.