Agenda October 2009

A selection from the Belgrade Culture Center’s October Hall exhibitions, at BM Suma Contemporary Art CenterCenter through 17 October.

Rezan Has Museum hosts Mustafa Tunçalp’s ‘Ceramics’ exhibition from 21 October.

The 70’s Hard Rock group Rainbow, at Refresh The Venue the night of 7 October.

Nevzat Çakır’s ‘Istanbul’un Adı Fotoğraf’ (Istanbul’s Name is Photography) exhibition, from 3 October at Fototrek Photography Center.

Films like Serseri Âşıklar, Bir Kadın Meselesi, Komşu Kadın, Toplayıcılar and Madame Bovary at the French Culture Center in honor of the 50th anniversary of New Wave cinema.

‘Journey of No Return’, an exhibition on reflections of Turkish migration in contemporary art, at Akbank Sanat.Through 31 October.

‘Mehmet Loves Peace’, a dance performance by the Cıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası at Garajistanbul 1-2 October.

Ebru Döşekçi’s sculptures that stand ‘not where they should but where they want to be’, at Eskonsept from 19 October.

The last day of ‘Octet’, an exhibition of selected works from the New York School of Visual Arts, at the Pera Museum.