The Biennial at Mid-Point

The last available date to visit the 11th Istanbul Biennial, which opened its doors for art lovers on 12 September 2009, is 8 November.

1The 11th International Istanbul Biennial runs from 12 September through 8 November.
Venues for the Biennial, in which 70 artists from 40 countries are taking part, are Antrepot No. 3 at Tophane, the Tobacco Depot and Feriköy Greek School.
A total of 141 works are being exhibited in 6,000 square meters of space.
The oldest work in the Biennial dates to 1965, and there are 35 new works in the exhibition.
The Biennial’s youngest artist is 27 years old, the eldest 76.  5 of the artists represented are deceased.
30 of the artists are women, 32 men. 3 are partnerships and 5 are collectives.
Twenty-six percent of the artists are from Eastern Europe, 14% from Western Europe, 39% from the Middle East, 4% from the Caucasus, 7% from Central Asia, 1% from South America, 6% from North America, 1% from the Far East and another 1% from Australia.
As of 20 August this year, the planned budget of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial was 2.050.299 Euros.