Book By The Mood

Some of us are easily bored and feel overwhelmed by all the pages; some of us are restless, but there are others among us who patiently bury themselves in the narrative for hours.

What are CDs made of?
Did you know that sand is the raw material of a CD, paraffin of candles, oil of plastic? Well, would you like to know? If so, have a look at Bill Slavin’s book, ‘Transformed: How Everyday Things Are Made’, which describes the process of how a total of 54 different things are made. Written in a playful style with delightful cartoon art to boot, this book promises an exciting journey deep into the world of things.

Essays by Yaşar Kemal
Reading essays is difficult; it takes patience. Not so however when it comes to a writer like Yaşar Kemal. Kemal’s ‘Garden of a Thousand Flowers’, includes his writings from 1961 to 2009. Underscoring the threat of deterioration in nature and culture, Kemal goes straight to the root of the problem and outlines possible solutions. For patient readers of literature...

Journey to unforgettable places
For international travel writer and photographer Steve Davey, an unforgettable place doesn’t mean merely a place that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. In his view, an unforgettable place is a place you simply have to go to the minute you hear about it. Davey has collected forty of the world’s truly memorable landscapes in his book, ‘Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die’. What’s more, he’ll inspire you to travel to those places one day, too.