Three Places For A Day Trip

If you don’t have the time for long journeys, we have three special suggestions that offers sea-lake-history triangle for a one-day-trip vacation fun. Really, what is your choice?

Iğneada is a coast town in the Northwest Black Sea region  3 hours drive from Istanbul. This town has one of the longest seashores of Turkey exceeding  20 kilometers and receives a huge influx of fresh fish with the coming of September. The shed-like restaurants along the coast offer all kinds of seasonal Blacksea fish. The best place to watch the amazing sunset is the historical lighthouse in Limanköy, 8 kilometers west of the town. Restore your energy in Longoz Forest, an ideal place to breathe clear sea and forest air.

Göynük, a town just 2.5 hours drive from Istanbul, is one of the must-see towns for travellers who seek cultural destinations. Göynük is an Ottoman town greeting visitors with a historical clock tower built on a steep hillside. The century-old Ottoman mansions, for which the town is reputed are mostly located on the streets overlooking the valley. Despite the rapidly growing tourism, Göynük has managed to preserve its cultural identity and spirit so well that even a one-day trip is enough for the visitors to experience its distictive feel.

Established on a green peninsula extending into Uluabat Lake, Gölyazı is an extraordinary town famous for its fisherwomen, ancient ruins, historical houses and various bird species. In this town, history is prominent everywhere while the lake’s still and misty waters dominate life. Gölyazı is blessed by nature and colored by the painted rowboats seen along the shores. Fixing the nets, painting the boats, preparing the fishhooks and trading fish is the daily routine. Visiting the tiny islands on the north part of the lake on a rowboat tour and then exploring the ruins on those islands is a trip well worth taking. Wheter you take a trip to Gölyazı for the lake, nature or history and you will never forget the close friendships that you make with the hospitable locals.

Göynük, 98 kilometers from Bolu, is accesible via Geyve, Akyazı or Mudurnu roads. Buses to Göynük leave from Istanbul Esenler Bus Terminal.

There are regular buses to Iğneada from Istanbul and Kırklareli bus terminals.

You can reach Gölyazı by following the signs on the Bursa-Karacabey road. Also, there are regular buses departing from the Bursa bus terminal.