Zuhal Olcay on Izmir

Do you remember your first visit to Izmir? What was the first impression of the city on you?
I traveled to Izmir for a play for the first time, but I don’t remember the exact year. In 1979, I have met my second husband, Zafer Olcay, in Izmir and moved there. I started to act at the Izmir State Theater. Izmir is my second favorite city to live in after Istanbul.

Your first professional plays happened in Izmir State Theater. Where does Izmir stand in your art career?
My professional career began in Izmir. Actually, Izmir was a turning point in my life. I will never forget the friendships, the communication on stage and the unconditional support of Izmir audience. In fact, I miss it. Fortunately I go there for plays or concerts from time to time.

What was your favorite thing to do while you were living there?
Trips to Çeşme…

When was the last time you were there?
Last time was when I had concerts in Karşıyaka and Izmir Açıkhava in June. It was a blast. The Izmir audience supported me as always.

Thanks you very much for your time.
I thank you, for reminding me of Izmir.