The Lively Concerts of Spring

Istanbul, like nature, comes to life in April. And we have saved you trouble right at the start by putting together a small selection of concerts...

A special guest

Lou Rhodes, the dreamy voice of the famous English trip-hop group, Lamb, which won wide acclaim with its tracks ‘Gorecki’ and ‘Gabriel’, is giving a special solo performance in Istanbul. Turning to solo projects after the breakup of Lamb, the artist is going to be at Babylon on April 21 on tour for her third solo album, ‘One Good Thing’. The Manchester-based artist, who also provided vocals for groups like 808 State, Funkstorung and The Cinematic Orchestra, is bringing spring to Istanbul.

Jordi Savall’s ‘Istanbul’
Known for the music he composed for Alain Corneau’s film, ‘All the Mornings of the World’, Catalan composer Jordi Sawall is coming to Istanbul for his ‘Golden Roads’ project, which will take Istanbul 2010 to Europe. The artist will perform tracks from his most recent album, ‘Istanbul’, in his concert at the Lütfi Kırdar International Conference and Exhibition Center on April 9. Accompanying Savall in the concert are Kudsi Erguner, Derya Türkan, Yurdal Tokcan, Dimitri Psonis, Pierre Hamon and Pedro Estevan.

Infected Mushroom
‘1996 yılında İsrail’de kurulan psychedelic trance grubu Infected Mushroom, 23 Nisan Cuma gecesi Bronx Pi Sahne’de olacak. Konserde ağırlıklı olarak 2009’da yayınladıkları ‘The Legend of the Black Shawarma’ albümlerinden parçalar seslendirecek grup, elektronik altyapılarını psychedelic rock ve heavy metal türleriyle besliyor.

Fransa’nın Tom Waits’i
Güncel Fransız müziğinin sıra dışı isimlerinden Arthur H ilk kez İstanbul’da. Sanatçı, müzikal başarısına mizah yeteneğini de eklediği canlı performansıyla 10 Nisan’da Salon sahnesinde olacak.

France’s Tom Waits
One of the extraordinary names in contemporary French music, Arthur H is in Istanbul for the first time. Known as the Tom Waits of France, the artist will take the stage at Salon on April 10 in a live performance in which he combines musicality with a talent for comedy.