Glass, Metal, Wood, Paper

Also on display are the works of Ela Bauer who first studied literature and then jewelry design, Korean designer Jahyun Rita Baek who earned the “Craftsmanship and Design Award” in 2008 and Sina Emrich who received an honorary award in the “6th Chenongşu International Craft” competition and first place in the “Ambertrip Art Jewelry Contest.”

The other exhibition artists are Nevin Arığ who won the “Shoonhaven Silver Award,” Ela Cindoruk who has been teaching the subjects of design culture and management at the Istanbul Bilge University since 2000, Doerthe Fuchs who has studied art therapy, Dutch designer Peter Hoogeboom, Barbara Stutma from Montreal and Anat Sapir who has specialized in glass and beads.

Presenting a collection much beyond accustomed jewelry, the exhibition includes approximately 60 pieces made from materials like glass, metal, silicone, Plexiglas, wood, paper, acrylic, plastic and ceramic.