There Is Fun At The Neighbor's !

A reason to go to Bulgaria in August: Spirit of Burgas.

The fourth largest city in Bulgaria, Burgas is a resort town on the white shores of the Black Sea coast. With its 250 thousand population’s doubling in the summer, the town has organized the “Spirit of Burgas” music festival for two years. It has attracted the attention not only of Bulgarians, but of the whole world. Taking place from August 13th- 15th this year, the festival will embrace various music types like rock, reggae-ska, jazz, the blues, techno, and drum & bass. The Apollo 440, the Prodigy and the Gorillas Sound System are groups that definitely will be a part of the festival. It may not be a bad vacation idea to pass several hot days in Bulgaria which is not far from Turkey. Especially when the music is free!