The Kâzım Taskent Art Gallery

Sermet Çifter Hall is hosting an exhibition entitled “Contemporary Artists between Italy and Turkey.”

In the display for which Martina Corgnati is the curator, there are works of Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, Pippa Bacca, Fatma Buçak, Danilo Correale,  Daniele Galliano, İrem İncedayı, Ali Kazma, Fatih Mika, Aldo Mondino, Şükran Moral, Silvia Moro, Domingo Notaro,  Agnese Purgatorio, Sarenco and Abdullah Aykut Sarıbaş. The last date for the exhibition is August 1st.

The Photograph Gate, for which Gültekin Çizgen served as art director and curator and Cenk Gençdiş as project coordinator, is the eleventh exhibition of Istanbul 2010. Arjen J. Zwart’s “Strolling through Istanbul” will be in the Phototrack Photograph Center until August 6th.

The American Hospital Art Gallery is hosting Karolin Fişekçi’s personal exhibition entitled “Shoot” until August 8th. The word “shoot” which means things like firing a bullet/cannon, taking a photograph, kicking a ball and taking a throw has its counterpart in the Turkish word “şut.” However, these multiple meanings in English enrich the contents of the display.

The Galerist is hosting German artist Thomas Ruff’s first personal exhibition in Turkey. In the display which can be viewed until August 7th, there are a total of 56 works from the artist’s different periods. Ruff has held exhibitions in world renowned museums like the Irish Museum of Modern Art / Dublin, Tate Modern / London, MOCA / Los Angeles and the Museum Ludwig / Köln and he represented his country at the German Pavilion in the Venedict Biannual in 1995.

The contemporary dance-drama project “Barbaros” depicts the life of the Captain of the Sea, Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, and 16th century Mediterranean Turkish pioneering with a contemporary dance and theater method. Working Istanbul’s ties to the sea and the human-water relationship in contemporary life with historical ties, the work brings together on a contemporary platform different branches of art like dance, music, visual design and writing. “Barbaros” will be staged on August 14th at the opening of the “8th International Bodrum Ballet Festival.” The design and choreography of the “Barbaros” project belong to the Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency’s Stage and Performed Arts Director, Beyhan Murphy. The “Barbaros” project carries the qualities of originally designed contemporary dance-drama.

Young basketball players from 100 different countries and cultures are coming to Istanbul. This common project of the TBF and FIBA will bring together 300 young basketball players and 150 basketball coaches from different cultures from August 24-31, 2010, in the World Championship environment in Istanbul. The Children of the World 2010 project will bring together hundreds of children in the 14 year-old age group and their coaches in Istanbul which joins together Asia and Europe.

The Fevziye Schools Foundation, the Işık University and the Istanbul Ex Libris Association are organizing the 33rd FISAE International Ex Libris Congress and Exlibris Exhibitions. In the congress which is supported by the Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency, ex libris artists and collectors from close to 40 countries will come together to exchange ex librai and will have an opportunity to get to know Istanbul. The congress will be held from August 25-29, 2010, at the Işık University Maslak Campus.

Organized by the Picture and Statue Museums Association with the support of Akbank Art, the 29th Today’s Artists Istanbul Exhibition will be at Akbank Art on August 28th. The exhibition’s curators this year are Marc Gloede and November Paynter. There are works of the following 11 artists at the exhibition: Nermin Adanır, Tansu Akmansoy, Hasan Salih Ay, Müge Bilgin, Gülderen Depas, Aslıhan Özdemir, Emrah Şengün, Ayşe Topçuoğulları and Deniz Üster.