A Different Istanbul In Ramadan

2010 European Capital of Culture Istanbul underlines the cultural dimensions of Ramadan activities this year.

A large scale book fair will be opened at Beyazıt Square, one of the main centers of Ramadan activities in the city. With various cultural and art events and stage performances the traditional Ramadan atmosphere will be revived around Beyazıt Mosque.

The Jannisary Band will march from Atik Ali Pasha Mosque to Beyazıt Square every day, passing through illuminated historical sites and creating a feeling of travel in time for those who are watching.

One of the spectacular events as part of Ramadan activities will be unveiling of the holy relics. Kept in various tombs and turbehs around İstanbul a choice of priceless works of art some of which are holy relics and were not exhibited before will be on display at Hagia Sophia and Taksim Republic museum.

While internationally known “hafız” (people who has learned Koran by heart) preachers and sermons will be meeting the pious at Beyazıt Mosque, famous performers of Turkish and Sufi music will take the stage at the square.