The Last Fifteen Years

Istanbul is hosting Hussein Chalayan’s creations of the last fifteen years.

One of contemporary art’s important representatives, Hussein Chalayan is at Istanbul Modern. Opening on July 15th, the display is a collection of works the artist has produced in the last 15 years. In the exhibition arranged by curator Donna Loveday from the London Design Museum, there are fashion collections and art and film projects produced by Chalayan between 1994 and 2009. The displayed works express the artist’s ideas on subjects like genetic and technological advancement, changing places, migration and cultural identity.

Among the works displayed are: furnishings that turn into a dress called “After the Talk,” a white dress called “From Air” formed by 15 thousand LED lights, a dress named “Before Minus Now” produced from materials used in the aircraft industry and which changes form with an automatic commander, and a dress called “Readings” that presents an extraordinary light show with the help of more than 200 active lasers. The exhibition display which is very extraordinary and is composed of clothing that can be worn was previously exhibited at the London Design Museum and the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art.