Turkey's Fantastic Beachest

A limpid sea where the rocks on the sea floor can be counted? Playing with the waves on golden beaches of sand? There is definitely a choice for everyone in Turkey’s paradise of beaches.

Located at the point where Köyceğiz Lake in the southeast of Muğla opens out to the seas, the İztuzu beach promises a blue dream with its fine sand and clean and shallow sea. Even the narrowest point of the kilometers long beach is 50 meters wide. Taking a shower with the lake’s non-salty water after swimming in the sea and lying in the sun is one of İztuzu’s unique privileges.

When you descend from Fethiye to the Dead Sea along a road adorned with pine trees, you meet a heaven on earth where the forest and the deep blue sea meet. With its Dead Sea and vast beach, Belcekız Bay is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful lagoons. When you walk along the beach that extends into the bay like a tongue, you will meet the Dead Sea.

With an intertwined Turkish-Greek culture, an atmosphere of isolation and grape vineyards, the famous Bozca Island’s beaches are also very beautiful. Although there are many small bays adorning the island, the Ayazma and Habbeli beaches are the most preferred. At the western edge of the island, Ayazma is preferred by those who like a cool sea and Habbeli by those who like calmness.

Pointed to as the Western Mediterranean’s most beautiful beach with its golden sand and turquoise sea, Kaputaş is for good swimmers and those who like to swim among waves. Located only six kilometers from Kalkan at a point where a narrow canyon opens out to the sea, Kaputaş is liked for its rough sea as much as the beauty of its beaches.

One of Çeşme’s favorite beaches, Ilıca’s sea is considered to be very healing due to its mineral-laden thermal waters. Known for its warm water, the sea is always clean. There are fees for the lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach. In addition, it is possible to find many restaurants and places of entertainment near the beach.

The Valley of Butterflies is a magnificent hidden valley lying between the walls of a steep canyon approximately 400 meters high on the eastern shore of the Belceğiz Gulf at Fethiye which is tied to Muğla. On the skirts of Babadağ, the canyon’s 250 meter wide beach gives the sense of an isolated island. The forest area behind the valley is a habitat for many kinds of butterflies.

Situated in the south of Antalya at the edge of the Çıralı exit, Olimpos is a magnificent Mediterranean beach with its white pebbled sand and its deep glass-like sea. Adorned with colorful sea shells and sea rocks, the three kilometer long beach comprised of fine pieces of sand is full of Lykia’s mysterious traces in the forest area just behind the beach.