One Hundred Percent Comic Book

An important display from France’s International Angouléme Comic Book Festival is in Istanbul…

One of the events that comic book fans follow is the International Angouléme Comic Book Festival in France. Held since 1972, the festival hosted a special event in 2010. Festival participants witnessed the opening of the first large display, “One-Hundred Percent,” in the “Comic Book Museum.”
Of course, comic book fans in Istanbul could not be left deprived of all these good things. A new exhibition was formed by adding the works of Suat Gönülay, Ersin Karabulut, Galip Tekin and Memo Tembelçizer to the work of artists like Enki Bilal, Yves Got, Lorenzo Mattotti, Moebius and Albert Uderzo. In the “One-Hundred Percent” display on view in the Istanbul French Cultural Center there are also frames from works exhibited at the Comic Book Museum that have been reinterpreted by various artists in the world.
Organized by the French International Comic Book and Visual Center in cooperation with the Uykusuz magazine, the exhibition is the most important comic book event since the Enki Bilal Exhibition held last year in the Yapı Kredi Sermet Çifter Exhibition Hall.

“One- Hundred Percent” will be at the Istanbul French Cultural Center until September 17th.  For detailed information: