Time Tunnel

A look at the history of fashion from the capitol of fashion!

With a deep and respectful stance, the Paris Les Arts Decoratifs Museum is looking at the recent 40-year past of the fashion industry with a huge two-part exhibition. In the display, the first part of which is from the 1970’s and 1980’s, costumes from designers who started new trends in both periods and that are today considered to be masterpieces and design concepts that put their stamp on the period are documented.

Beginning with Yves Saint-Laurent’s 1971 collection from the 1970’s when ready wear exploded on the scene, the exhibition extends to the end of the 1980’s when the world as a whole underwent madness. After equating the 1980’s with Jean Paul Gaultier, the display mentions how, with his Comme des Garçons brand name, Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo introduced the authentic clothing concept of the East to the West.