Istanbul The Capital Of Shopping

The first Istanbul Shopping Fest, to be held in 2011, is an important step in turning Istanbul into a shopping and entertainment capital.

With its 500-year-old Grand Bazaar and increasing numbers of modern shopping centers, Istanbul is rapidly becoming a drawing point in the region. Now another new event is going to add momentum to that development: the ‘Istanbul Shopping Fest’, March 18 - April 26, 2011. During the festival, which offers shows, concerts and other festivities as well as 24-hour shopping opportunities and highdiscount sales, Istanbul is going to be the world’s shopping capital for 40 straight days. The event, which includes not only the city’s 90 modern shopping centers but also its traditional shopping venues such as the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Spice Market, will feature concerts, street festivals and displays, special toys and games for the kids, musical events, parties and competitions, not to mention fashion shows! Timed to coincide with Passover, Easter and Nevruz, the shopping fest will pay homage to those holidays as well, emphasizing once again Istanbul’s multi-cultural identity.