The Grand Bazaar In Ten Steps

The 550-year history of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has inspired an exhibition.

Curated by Prof. Önder Küçükerman and Prof. Dr. Kenan Mortan and chronicling the story Istanbul’s 550-year path to becoming a financial center, ‘The Grand Bazaar in Ten Steps’ is an exhibition that opened at the İş Bankası Museum on November 8th. Displayed in the exhibition in Istanbul’s Sirkeci district are documents, engravings, examples of the arts of illumination and the miniature, jewelry made of precious metals, and textile products, all illustrating the importance of the Grand Bazaar in history. The exhibition, which also features a painting of the Grand Bazaar by the famous Orientalist painter Amadeus Preziosi, is a focus of intense interest for its its sketches and 360-degree panoramas of the Grand Bazaar shot from various angles as well as its visitors’ books.

Photographers normally share their work with the public in shows mounted at galleries. Held for short periods of time in the limited space of a gallery, these shows reach only a limited number of people. Now, growing use of the internet is offering a solution to those limitations. Taking expert workmanship and print quality into the virtual world, Turkey’s leading photography laboratories have created internet portals on which they offer art lovers and customers in general choice works of art by top artists.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding in a series of books, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, competitions and documentary presentations.

The world’s leading investors, market managers and academic experts are taking part in the conference, where developments in the global economy and financial markets will be  assessed and the studies conducted as part of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and Istanbul Financial Center Project publicized. In order to contribute to the development of the financial sector, an international best paper competition has also been organized in conjunction with the conference with entries of 160 scholarly papers from close to 40 countries. Another noteworthy conference event is the ‘Istanbul Stock Exchange Schools Painting Contest’, held among students of the schools set up by the ISE for the Turkish educational system. ‘Istanbul’ is the theme of the contest, which is open to students of the 306 ISE schools built in 74 provinces with funds provided by the ISE Education Fund.