Art at Every Step

The Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture projects have left the preparation stage far behind and become reality. Here are a few of them you won’t want to miss...

Meeting Of The Masters
Masters of the traditional arts and handicrafts in Istanbul are coming together for the first time.  Practitioners of the traditional arts, from bookbinding and wood carving to mother-of-pearl inlay and wrought iron, who are active in Istanbul today have finally been assembled on a single website which gives their areas of expertise, examples of their work and the locations of their workshops. Carried out under the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency’s provision for Traditional Arts, the ‘Istanbul Masters’ project has collected details on close to 400 master craftsmen so far and will continue to try to reach more until the end of the March.

Cavit Bey, The Barber
Yusuf Darıyerli’s ‘Biraz Kısalt!!’ (Shorten It A Little), the 5th exhibition in ‘Fotoğraf Geçidi: Istanbul 2010’, is on at the Fototrek Photography Center. The exhibition tells the story of a barber shop immediately opposite the Yedikule train station,  where barber Cavit Bey’s bracelet glints in the sun. Cenk Gendiş is project coordinator, and Gültekin Çizgen curator and artistic director of the exhibition. Through February 5.

Capturing The Moment
Another exhibit in ‘Fotoğraf Geçidi Istanbul 2010’ is Merih Akoğul’s ‘İç İçe Istanbul’ (City Within A City). Opening at Fototrek Photography Center on February 6, the show documents ever-changing, seemingly ordinary ‘in-the-blink-of-an-eye’ moments in the city. For those who shun the usual hackneyed Istanbul images in favor of ‘the moment’. Through March 5.

Istanbulite’s Front And Center
‘Istanpoli’, a former name for Istanbul which means ‘to the city’ in Greek, is a theatrical venture that is going to host 5 world-renowned names in the contemporary performing arts in Istanbul this year. The artists will create five plays for and about Istanbul featuring residents of the city. Put together by Övül and Mustafa Avkıran of Turkey, Claude Wampler from the U.S., Michael Laub from Belgium, Germany’s Rimini Protokoll project and the American choreographer Meg Stuart, who is currently working in Belgium, the plays will be performed at Garajistanbul throughout 2010 and later in other parts of the world. And Istanbullu’s will appear on stage in all the performances. ‘Kassas’, the first play of the project, brings together an Istanbul junk dealer, simit seller, taffy vendor, shoeshine boy, flag seller, purveyor of chickpea pilaff, stuffed mussel seller, itinerant tinsmith, flower seller, fortune teller, liver vendor, knife sharpener and many more.

Küçükyali Archaeology Park
The ‘Archaeology Park’ project in Istanbul’s eastern suburb of Küçükyalı brings together Middle and Late Period Byzantine coins rarely encountered in the world. The project is a cooperative effort of the Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture Agency, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Istanbul Archaeological Museums and the Anatolian Civilizations Research Center of Koç University.