A Valentine’s Day Getaway

‘Love is a journey’, they say, and if you believe that love blooms on the road, then we have some ideas to help you extend this special day into evening, even into a brief trip.

Island Seclusion
Turkey is a land where Turkish and Greek culture are inextricably intertwined, and its largest island, Gökçeada, is a perfect example of this with its quiet bays, picturesque villages, romantic sunsets and pleasant cafes. Stay overnight in an old stone house secluded among the olive trees, listen to the cry of the gulls and the lap of the waves at Kefaloz, hike to Marmoros Falls. These are just a few of the treats this island of tranquil beauty has to offer.

Mediterranean Sun
Next door neighbor of the island of Kekova off the coast of Kaş, Kaleköy (Simena) is a tiny Mediterranean village accessible only by sea. Casting a load off its shoulders in winter and taking on a melancholy air, it promises all the peace and quiet you’ve missed for so long with its perennially sunny paths, its lonely pier, its ancient theater, and its humble fish restaurants and bed&breakfasts.

Fairy Land
Long walks amidst the fantastic outlines of fairy chimneys dusted with snow, nights in a cosy cottage with a fireplace carved by human hands, evenings under the stars on a deserted terrace, the pursuit of history in the miraculous vaults of the rock-cut churches... All these await you in Göreme, where you can delve deep into the soul of Cappadocia and forge a passionate bond.

How To Get There

Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Nevşehir and back every day of the week. Göreme, gateway to Cappadocia, is only 35 km from the airport.

Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Çanakkale and back three days a week. A ferryboat operates between Çanakkale and Gökçeada.

You can fly Turkish Airlines to Antalya or Dalaman and travel overland to Kaş. There are boats to Simena from both Kaş and Kekova.