Istanbul Gets Its Fashion Week

Like its counterparts around the world, Istanbul Fashion Days has decided to call itself Istanbul Fashion Week from now on. This year it’s at Santralİstanbul, February 3-6.

Fabulous fruit of the combined efforts of Turkish fashion designers and the country’s fashion industry, Istanbul Fashion Days started out last August by welcoming 25,000 visitors in the cramped corridors of the Taşkışla campus of Istanbul Technical University. Nowadays, when the countdown has begun to what it hopes will be a world class event, Istanbul Fashion Week has beaten everyone else to the draw.

Hoping to attract more attention by starting a week earlier than other fashion weeks, Istanbul Fashion Week is going to take center stage a week ahead of the fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. And when we consider that eyes are going to be on our fair city all year long thanks to its title as 2010 European Capital of Culture, it is probably not off target to expect that Istanbul Fashion Week is going to attract a lot of interest.

IFW ’10 comprises a total of 25 fashion shows, featuring the designs and ready-to-wear products of 10 designers and 15 ready-to-wear manufacturers. In addition, two joint shows are also going to be staged in support of young designers just starting out in the business. Nor are fashion shows the only trick up IFW’s sleeve. There will be Brandist boutique shows as well, plus Fashion Lab, in which 38 firms and designers are taking part. All at Santralistanbul in February.