Carnival Time Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a sultry Latin beauty nestled against the tropical rain forest with her face turned towards the world’s most famous beach. And in February she is going to brim over with Carnival exuberance. Here are seven things you won’t be able to resist in Brazil’s fun city.

The statue of Jesus whose outstretched arms embrace the city from the summit of Corcovado is an icon for Rio photographers. This giant, 30-meter-high monument rising from the center of Tijuca National Park weighs exactly 1,145 tons. A 25-minute train ride will bring you to the statue, which is equally striking in bright sunlight or brilliantly illuminated by night.

Maracana Stadium
Although Maracana, the world’s largest stadium, was built to FIFA standards with a capacity of 95,000, it has held up to 200,000 spectators at a single match. The first goal in this stadium, which opened in 1950, was scored by Didi, a former technical director of Fenerbahçe, and the most goals by Zico, another former trainer of Istanbul’s ‘Yellow Canaries’.

Sugar Loaf Mountain
If the Rio heat starts to get you down, head for Sugar Loaf. Accessible by telefrique, this 396-meter-high hill affords visitors a breath-taking panorama of the city. Despite the usual crowds at sunset It’s worth going for the unmatched view. If you can believe the local guidebooks, this hill was actually created for the photography and picture postcard industry!

Rio Opera House
Rio is rich not only in sun, sea and entertainment but also in architecture. The Rio Opera House, completed in 1910, the municipal theater, modeled on the Paris Opera, the national library and the fine arts museum are all a stone’s throw from each other at the city center. And the New Cathedral and the Church of Nossa Senhora de Candelaria dedicated to the Virgin Mary are just two more of this city’s elegant structures.

Carnival In Rio
An old pagan tradition, the Rio Carnival was born in the city of Bahai with its large population of African immigrants. Preparing for Carnival all year long, the people of Rio open the Samba schools to visitors months in advance. This year’s Carnival, February 13-16, will again transform Rio into a surreal film set. And the parade with its thousands of dancers in mad costumes is the most colorful aspect of this event, which floods the city’s streets for four days.

Copacabana Beach
The world’s most beautiful beach in the eyes of Brazilians, this legendary 3.5 kilometer-long plage with its crashing waves and nearby five-star hotels, is at the height of summer throughout February. And Copabacana’s extension, the Ipanema coast, is another popular Rio hangout where the city’s most fashionable stores and restaurants will give you plenty to do in any time you have left over from Carnival.

Turkish citizens may enter the neighbourhood countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile without a visa. From İstanbul you may fly to Sao Paulo via Turkish Airlines, pick your luggage there and than continue to Rio with local airlines.