Three Directors Three Books

For those not content to follow the cinema only on the the silver screen, here are three books about three special Turkish directors who have earned kudos and collected awards at the international festivals.

For Fiction Buffs

Demirkubuz’s Subjects
“If it were not for literature and Dostoevsky I would never have become a filmmaker,” says Zeki Demirkubuz. This is an interesting book for getting to know his films better, taking a new angle on the themes he treats, and seeing the different aspects of the people he represents on the screen. An interview with Demirkubuz makes the book even more irresistible.

For Photo Lovers

Ceylan’s Spaces
People familiar with Nuri Bilge Ceylan speak of two separate periods in his filmography. Ceylan, who has told stories set in the provinces since his film Uzak (Far), is noteworthy for turning his interest away from places to people. This book offers a good opportunity to read again about what has changed and not changed in Ceylan films.

For Essay Enthusiasts

Zaim’s Times
A director whose first film, Tabutta Rövaşata (Somersault in a Coffin), won great acclaim, Derviş Zaim has not allowed himself to be hemmed in by public interest but has gone in pursuit of something different in every film he has made, turning his camera now on the art of the miniature, now on the Island of Cyprus. This book gives you a chance to take a new look at the stories Zaim tells through concepts such as time and identify.