“Target Audıence: 0-99 Age Group”

The Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra is looking to illustrate the cultural exchange between Turkey and Europe through music

The Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra (BİFO) is opening up to the world music market for the first time with a special album in January. Welcoming the new year with Beethoven’s 9th, the orchestra will be performing under conductor Sascha Goetzel at Lütfî Kırdar International Conference and Exhibition Center on January 14. BİFO’s Artistic Director and Permanent Conductor, Goetzel answered our questions.

What motivated the orchestra to record an album?
International music experts have compared our orchestra with some of the most sought-after orchestras in Europe in recent years. So we wanted to reach out not only to our fans in Turkey but to listeners around the world.

What is the intention behind the particular works chosen for the album?
The musical sound on this CD serves as a bridge joining Europe’s 2010 Capital of Culture Istanbul with European culture. The works on the CD are linked with Istanbul and Turkey by their musical and/or historical backgrounds. We wanted to show through music what an intensive cultural exchange there is between Turkey and the rest of Europe. Through this CD we want to open doors, and to speak ‘with each other’ using music, the only global language there is.

What age group is the orchestra targeting?
The 0-99 age group!