Reflections In Crystal

Young artist Bahar Oganer’s exhibition, ‘Crystal’, has opened at Nişantaşı’s Dirimart.

I first came across the name Bahar Oganer at her one-man show, ‘Rüya’ (Dream), at Dirimart in 2008.  That acquaintance was later cemented in a joint exhibition, ‘Plastic Tree Vol III’, around this time last year. One of the prominent names in this year’s Contemporary Istanbul, Oganer is now at Dirimart again with her second solo show, ‘Crystal’.

Born in Ankara in 1980, Oganer is a graduate of the Painting Department of the Fine Arts Faculty of Izmir’s Dokuz Eylül University and currently a graduate student at the same institution. So, everything is normal up to here. What goes beyond the normal is that nine of the artist’s works on display at the gallery were already sold days before the opening. In other words, Oganer is one of the rising young stars of contemporary art in Turkey.

Working in acrylics on large rectangular canvases, Oganer’s most outstanding characteristic is her clean, simple and refined painting technique. Each one of her canvases, which are so ‘clean’ as to be indistinguishable from machine workmanship, is a rainbow of color in the true sense of the word. Not only that but the viewer always sees what is happening in Oganer’s paintings through the eyes of a young woman with her back turned. And that young woman, from her hair and clothes to what she sees and wears on her body, is none other than the painter herself. Through January 10.