Untimely Reading

Sometimes, it’s too late to read certain books. Other times, one may wait years for a single new sentence from a favorite author. And sometimes, reading is an untimely, unanticipated pleasure...


167 years later
“Exactly 167 years have passed since Gogol penned his ‘Dead Souls. Much has happened under the sun in those 167 years. Much has grown old and been forgotten. But Dead Souls is forever new, as if in defiance of its name, because it is one of the most powerful books ever written by a human genius about his fellowmen. And now this book is back on the shelves in a special edition brought out on the 200th anniversary of Nikolai Gogol’s birth, with illustrations from the 1901 Russian edition.

The Long Awaited

For the first time in print!
Oğuz Atay was remembered last year in a comprehensive symposium held at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Now the notes of the symposium, which brought Atay’s readers and friends together with critics and academics, have been collected in a book entitled ‘Oğuz Atay İçin’ (For Oğuz Atay) by Handan İşçi and Elif Türker.  The book includes a radio interview Atay gave the year his ‘Korkuyu Beklerken’ (Waiting for Fear) appeared for the first time..

The Unexpected

Like time stood still
A painter making a portrait of the sea, a scientist writing love letters to a woman he has not yet met, a lonely and attractive woman, a young girl suffering from a mysterious disease... They all come together in a bed&breakfast by the sea where their lives intertwine. Accessible to everyone, ‘Ocean Sea’ is by Alessandro Baricco, one of the most illustrious names in Italian literature today. For your unexpected reading pleasure...