Titled ‘A Domestic Schizophrenic Project’, designer Meriç Kara’s first solo show with its focus on live houseplants is on at Solo through July 3rd. Featured in the exhibition are the flowerpots the artist designed inspired by the relationship of plants with water.

Galerist this month is hosting Viron Vert and Kemal Özen, two young talents in Turkish contemporary art. Vert’s exhibition, titled ‘Perpeteia’, of watercolors, felt-tip drawings and collages, and Kemal Özen’s pencil drawings titled ‘Soğuk Yemek’ can be seen through July 3rd.

The 22nd ENKA Culture Art Summer Events are promising art lovers a July chock full of concerts and theater plays at the ENKA Eşref Denizhan Open Air Theater. Önder Focan’s concert on July 2 will be followed by Nilüfer’s on the 9th. Theater plays include ‘Blithe Spirit’, ‘Kaygan Zemin’, ‘Steel Magnolias’, ‘Words of Love’, Euripides’ ‘Trojan Women’. Among the season favorites are ‘Steel Magnolias’ with Saadet İşıl Aksoy, Suna Keskin, Oya İnci and Aslıhan Ergüvan and ‘Words of Love’ with Deniz Çakır, Kemal Kocatürk, Ali İl, Eren Balkan, Mihrace Yeken and Erkan Pekbay.

Akbank Sanat is hosting four photography shows between July 8 and 29. The first is Serra Mübeccel Gültürk’s ‘Olağan Görüntüler’, to be followed by photographers İlyas Göçmen, Sebahattin Özveren and İbrahim Ayşıl.

The 2010 European Free Flight Model Airplane Championship will take place in the village of Müsellim in Kırklareli province’s Lüleburgaz township July 18-25. Close to 300 participants from 30 countries will compete in the 1st class category with 1200 model airplanes.

Tipped to be one of Turkey’s biggest ever open air photography exhibitions, ‘Haliç Tersanesi Sakinleri’ (Denizens of the Golden Horn Dockyards) is on at the Haliç Tersanesi through July 11th. Artist   Nihal Gündüz’s exhibition, which was two years in the making, covers an area of 70,000 square kilometers and can be viewed in the company of a guide.

Italian-born Brigitte Beraha is a hot item in London these days with her new album, ‘Flying Dreams’. The artist, who once sang with the Azymuth Trio, will be at Nardis Jazz the evening of July 23rd, a  tttccompanied by Burak Bedikyan, Kağan Yıldız and Ferit Odman.

Photographer Niko Guido’s Haiti Support Exhibition, featuring photos he took following the Haiti earthquake, is at Casa Dell’Arte Gallery through July 13th. Proceeds of the exhibition, curated by Ferit Düzyol, will be donated to Unicef to be sent to Haiti.

‘Sınırlar Yörüngeler’s 8th exhibition, the second batch of works that successfully competed in ‘Sınırlar Yörüngeler 07-08’, is at Siemens Sanat through July 31st. Featured in the show are examples of the work of nine different artists’ in several different disciplines.