Turkey’s Mountain Corridors

Adorned with waterfalls and forests, Turkey’s canyon trails await you with pleasant surprises at every step. Here are three suggestions for an exhilarating summer hike.

The Royal Road
A major stop on Saint Paul’s Way, one of Turkey’s marked international hiking trails, Yazılı (Inscribed) Canyon is so named for an historic inscription at its entrance. The canyon, which is home to the ancient Royal Road, is situated in the heart of a vast, 600-hectare nature park. With its numerous tiny bridges, the part of the canyon conducive to hiking is a gateway to natural beauty of which you will never get your fill. And the thickly shaded rustic restaurants at the entrance to the canyon are delightful for a brief respite.

World Ranking
Did you know that one of the largest canyons in the world is in the Turkish province of Uşak? (Second only to the Grand Canyon according to some.) Ranging from 100 to 500 meters wide, Ulubey Canyon is 45 meters long. Encircled by high mountains, the canyon is carpeted with an emerald green plant cover thanks to rivers running deep beneath it. Its steep slopes are perfect for a rope climb and its scenic trails ideal for hiking.

A Patch Of Sky
Güver Canyon Nature Park is a magnificent, thickly forested natural monument a stone’s throw from Antalya. Formed when the Güver River eroded the rocks over the ages, the canyon snakes across the Döşemealtı Plateau. The walls of this two-kilometer-long canyon are so close they almost touch in places. Even the sky sometimes disappears from view in this 30-meter wide, 115-meter long gorge.