Capital Of Culture Agenda

Some selections from the July agenda of Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture…

Sanat Limanı’s Full Program

Istanbul got yet another new art venue last month: Sanat Limanı, literally ‘Art Harbor’. Located in entrepôt no. 5 in Istanbul’s historic Tophane district, this venue is opening its doors to Turkish and international exhibitions in the city. Four have cast anchor for the month of July: ‘Beyond Credit - Modern Art and Mutual Trust’ through July 25th, ‘Uluorta’ and ‘Küçük Kara Balığı’, both through July 19th, and ‘Istanbul Otherwise’ through July 18th.

Amber Selection

A ‘Portable Art’ project that started in October 2008 with the aim of bringing modern art to different parts of Istanbul, ‘Amber Seçkisi’ combines works of art and technology. The exhibition, curated by Ekmel Ertan, can be seen at Ali Emiri Culture Center in Fatih through July 16.

Ballet Competition

The Second Istanbul International Ballet Competition, under artistic director Nilay Yeşiltepe Güngör, will take place July 5-10. The Competition, which already in its first year was invited to join the International Federation Ballet Competitions, will be hosting famous names from the world of dance in Istanbul.

After Aspendos

The story of Grand Admiral Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha and 16th century Turkish piracy on the  Mediterranean is being told in the style of modern dance and theater. With original design and choreography by Beyhan Murphy, this contemporary dance drama premieres at the Aspendos International Art and Ballet Festival on July 1st. Following the premiere it will come to Istanbul art lovers at the Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater on July 14 and 15.

Anatolian Enlightenment In Art

Exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, calligraphy, photography, decorative graphics and original prints by 17 project groups from 15 different universities will be on in Istanbul through the month of July. Mersin University’s School of Fine Arts ‘Anı ve İz’ exhibition and Istanbul 2nd Group’s ‘Erguanlar’ exhibition, July 1-14, and Ataturk University’s School of Fine Arts ‘Kendini Yaratan Kendisi’ and Dumlupınar University’s School of Fine Arts ‘Sır’ exhibition, July 16-31, all at the Domed Hall of the Imperial Arsenal in the historic district of Tophane.


A performance project developed by the Stage and Performing Arts Directorate of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture in conjunction with the Greece Hellenic Festival and Ruhr 2010 - Stiftung Zollverein, ‘Promethiade’ is counting down the days to its meeting with art lovers. The Athens leg of the project will take place July 7-15, the Istanbul leg July 18-28, and the Essen leg July 23 to August 7.