Suggested Summer Reading

Summer is here and the sunny weather inevitably influences one’s taste in reading. Here are three books you will enjoy despite heat and languor.

The Hungarian
The latest protagonist of Solmaz Kamuran, whose novels, starting with ‘Kiraze’, have been translated into ten languages, is İbrahim Müteferrika, who has a special place in the history of printing in Turkey. The writer describes the Hungarian-born Müteferrika’s journey between cultures in a fluent, readable style.

The Killer
The protagonist of ‘The Killer’ is so nondescript as to pass unnoticed, because this is what it takes to be a professional assassin. A killer so impassive that even cold-blooded does not describe him. The Killer, story by Matz with illustrations by Luc Jacamon, awaits you with three adventures.

Napoleon’s Russian campaign has been the focus of many a novel ever since Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Now Jasper Kent has taken up the subject on the fantasy fiction level. According to the novel, the French general was defeated not by the harsh Russian winter but by ‘the invincible twelve’.