Film Days In Doha

A new favorite in the Middle East, Doha will host some of the best-loved films of Turkish cinema June 6-9.

Centered around the slogan ‘Light Reflected from the Bosphorus to the Gulf’, the event features 14 Turkish films ranging from My Father and My Son, Waiting for Paradise and The Bandit to Three Monkeys, I Saw the Sun and Vizontele. The Diplomatic Club is the venue for the event, to which the films’ actors will also lend color.

The development of the cinema and television sector in Turkey and Qatar will be assessed in two separate panels at the event, which is aimed at further boosting the Middle East’s already burgeoning recent interest in Turkish TV series. Bringing Turkey’s TV and cinema sector together with that of the Middle East, the meeting has been organized by PROGEM (Project Development Center), which has put its signature on documentaries of worldwide interest such as ‘The Da Vinci Bridge’ and ‘Architecture and Love’ about the Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan. Among the sponsors of the event are Turkey’s Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry and Ministry of Culture.


Babam ve Oğlum
Beyaz Melek
Cenneti Beklerken
Dinle Neyden
Dondurmam Gaymak
Gönül Yarası
Güneşi Gördüm
Komser Şekspir
Muhsin Bey
Üç Maymun