One Step Closer To The Sun

Encircled by tall mountains from one end to the other, Turkey is a rock climber’s paradise.

Here are three suggestions for those who would like to get one step closer to the sun.

For Novices
This one and a half kilometer deep canyon whose wall rises in places to 100 meters is a rock climbing center with close to a hundred different routes. The slabs of this canyon, none of whose climbing routes exceeds 35 meters in length, are steep and their cracks safe. The eastern slopes of the valley, which exhibits a gradient of five degrees from north to south, are recumbent and discontinuous. There are trails ranging from beginning level to difficult in this canyon where climbing has been practiced since the seventies.

How To Get There
First fly to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines and then head for Gebze. Ballıkayalar Valley is about 6-7 kilometers from Gebze near of Tavşanlı.
Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Izmir and back daily. Şirince is 60 kilometers from the airport.
Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to İsparta and back three days a week. The lake, 28 kilometers from Eğirdir, is accessible by car.

Atop the Lake
A favorite with climbing buffs in recent years, the Dedegöl Mountains promise all the bounty of the Lakes Region’s unsurpassed natural beauty. According to ETUDOSD (Eğirdir Tourism and Nature Sports Society) President Durmuş Uçgun, the western mountain face, which overlooks Lake Eğirdir, is ideal for rock climbing. The region also offers a broad choice in of lodging, equipment, instruction and guide services. The mountain’s sheer rock walls reach to 500 meters in height.