Films Rain Down On Istanbul

Documentarist - Istanbul Documentary Days is one of Istanbul’s newest cinematic events, and it starts on June 22nd.

Focused this year on the Balkans, the festival features 15 films from Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Rumania.
Including over 100 films from 35 countries all the way from Switzerland, Denmark and Mexico to Iran, Lebanon and South Korea, Documentarist - Istanbul Documentary Days has devoted one of its main sections to cities. Among the films on urban life and its problems in this section, dubbed  ‘City and Cinema’, are new productions such as the Danish-produced series, ‘Cities on Speed’, as well as previously overlooked works by masters like Jean Vigo, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Walter Ruttman.

Michael Glawogger’s famous production, ‘Megacities’, is another section surprise.

Turkey’s documentary cinema will be represented by a broad selection of 30 films at Documentarist, which affords viewers a chance to see all the films of Mazhar Şevket İpşiroğlu. The Pera Museum Cinema, the French Culture Center, Akbank Sanat, the Dutch Chapel, the Tobacco Depot and the Greek Consulate’s Sismanoglio Megaro Hall are the six venues for this festival, which ends on June 27th.