A Time For Rediscovery

Istanbul was already wallpapered with announcements of Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture events when yet another was posted.

If cities could talk, this one would surely say that the news exceeded all expectations. Words come easy, but the reality is that what we have is here a history going back 8,000 years with upwards of 500 objects culled from 58 different museums.

All part of an exhibition entitled ‘From Byzantion to Istanbul:  8,000 Years of a Capital’, slated to open at Sabancı University’s Sakıp Sabancı Museum on June the 5th.

Never before have we gotten so close to the city’s history. The exhibition, which takes that history back even further thanks to the Yenikapı excavations conducted as part of the Marmaray Rail Project, is a cooperative effort by 39 museums abroad and 19 in Turkey. Brought together for the first time in their existence, the artifacts were selected from countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, the Vatican, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Russia and Qatar. Among them are treasures that were scattered to various countries either through trade, or as gifts or plunder, as during the Fourth Crusade.