Pedaling Through Turkey

Organized by the Turkish Cycling Federation under the auspices of the Office of the President of Turkey, the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is being held this year for the 46th time.

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey has become an eagerly anticipated focus of international interest with participation from around the world. Last year’s tour was broadcast worldwide two hours a day for two weeks in 123 countries and 24 different languages on the Eurosport channel. Now upgraded to the prestigious 2HC (Hors Category) among world cycling events by the International Cycling Union, the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is again drawing broad participation this year.

Starting place and date: Istanbul, April 11, 2010. Duration of the tour: 8 days
Number of participating cyclists: 176
Total length of the tour: 1,252 km
Broadcast infrastructure: 20 semi trucks, 160 cars, 1 airplane, 2 helicopters, 4 motorcycle cameras, a 102-member shoot team.