Three Countries One Exhibition

Greek, Russian and Turkish photographers have come together in the same exhibition: ‘Time Within Us’. And Istanbul Modern is its first stop.

‘Time Within Us’ is an exhibition of works by photographers from Russia, Greece and Turkey which opened last month at the Istanbul Modern Photography Gallery. The exhibition, which features 151 works by a total of 15 photographers, five from each of the three countries, will run through May 16 in Istanbul.

Selected by Istanbul Modern Photography Exhibitions Curator Engin Özendes, Moscow House of Photography Director Olga Sviblova, and Salonica Museum of Photography Director Vangelis Ioakimidis, the photographs will be printed in three different sets for exhibition in the three countries. ‘Time Within Us’ will be shown in the Moscow International Photography Biennale starting in March 2010, and at the University of Salonica International Photography Biennale starting in April 2010. In April and May it will run simultaneously in all three countries.