The Yüksel Arslan Retrospective

There are only 20 days left for seeing the retrospective of Yüksel Arslan, one of the world’s exceptional artists, at Santralistanbul...

Animals, humans, and everything in between... Invaluable notebooks, photographs and letters... Culled from collections in Turkey and the world, over 500 works by Yüksel Arslan, who settled in Paris 40 years ago, are on display at Santralistanbul together with the intellectual world of which they are a part. Born in the Bahariye quarter of Eyüp in 1933, Yüksel Arslan opened his first exhibition at Adalet Cimcoz’s Maya Gallery in 1955. Invited to Paris by André Breton in 1959, the artist settled there permanently in 1970. He read and drew without surcease, defining himself not as a painter but as a ‘writer-sketcher’ and his works not as paintings but as ‘arture’. Included in the Yüksel Arslan retrospective, curated by Levent Yılmaz, are practically all the artist’s works since the 1950’s.

One of the most unique artists of modern Turkish painting and anti-Academy figure of his generation, Ömer Uluç has died. Born in Istanbul in 1931, Uluç continued to paint right up to his final moments, opening an exhibition at the Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery in November, 2009. We honor the memory of this great artist, who died in January of this year.