Travels With Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. To celebrate, make your mother happy by taking her some place. Here are five suggestions ‘no’ mom will be able to resist.

1 YOROS CASTLE This castle with its matchless Bosphorus panorama stands on a green hill at Anadolukavağı. Enjoy a stroll along the windswept Black Sea coast followed by a lunch of fresh fish in season. If you like, you can take a ferry across to Rumelikavağı on the opposite shore or to other stops along the Bosphorus.
GETTING THERE: Fly Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and make your way to Anadolukavağı via Beykoz.

2 MAHMET BEY MOSQUE A 600+ year old wooden mosque in Kastamonu province’s town of Kasaba. Built of interlocking timbers without the use of any nails, its entire roof and some columns are original. A true masterpiece with color decorations and elaborate carving.
GETTING THERE: The most practical way of getting there is to fly Turkish Airlines to Sinop and then travel overland to Kastamonu.

3 MIDAS MONUMENT A rock face the height of a seven-story building in a remote corner of Yazılıkaya in Eskişehir province. Remains of an ancient temple rumored to be the grave of the famed King Midas. Covered in geometric reliefs with a 2,700-year-old inscription in the Phrygian language around the edge.
GETTING THERE: Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Eskişehir and back every day of the week.

4 OLD MİDYAT A journey back in time through an ascending labyrinth of arched passageways and stone mansions. Bell towers rise among the mansions, which make an impression like an ancient palace. The stonework is pure filigree. The villages of nearby Tur Abdin are home to some very old Assyrian settlements.
GETTING THERE: Fly Turkish Airlines to Mardin and then travel overland to Midyat.

5 SEDİR ISLAND A magical ancient harbor a few kilometers off the shore of Marmaris. The environs are chock full of ruins of the ancient city of Kedrai. Covered with olive trees, the island boasts a sand beach, the Cleopatra Plage, on its eastern coast. Mothers will love the sand, which is believed to have enhanced the beauty of the ancient Egyptian queen.
GETTING THERE: Fly Turkish Airlines to Dalaman or Bodrum, then travel overland to Marmaris where you can get a boat to the island.