Do You Know Hasankeyf?

Of course you do. But how would you like to hear about it from the master photographers?

With its natural riches and 15,000-year past, Hasankeyf is the only site in the world that meets nine of UNESCO’s ten ‘World Heritage’ criteria. Threatened with inundation by the waters of Ilısu Damn, this cultural heritage is making its voice heard once again in a photography exhibition titled, ‘Do you know Hasankeyf?’ Those who want to listen can visit Kadir Has University’s Rezan Has Museum starting from May 18th.

Every photographer has been to Hasankeyf to capture his own images of the scene in a six-month-long series of photographic shoots that more than pleased the locals. Journalists Çoşkun Aral and Mithat Bereket turned their lenses on the site. Naz Köktentürk, Kutup Dalgakıran and Tahsin Aydoğmuş snapped documentary shots, and Saygun Dura made a study of Hasankeyf’s relationship with the water.  Tamer Yılmaz focused on the architecture, Okan Bayülgen on nature, and Ali Konyalı on the cultural heritage. Levent Yalınay meanwhile immortalized Hasankeyf in his panoramic photos. Guest of honor of the project, which used both digital and analog cameras and black-and-white as well as color film, was the ‘dean of Turkish photography’, Ara Güler. Realized by Rezan Has Museum and the Photographers Without Borders Group, the project ‘Do you know Hasankeyf?’ offers more than a series of photographs. A number of panels and informal chats will also be held at Kadir Has University during the exhibition.

The ‘Do you know Hasankeyf?’ photo exhibition can be seen at Kadir Has University’s Rezan Has Museum through August 31.