Pecs Essen İstanbul

The ‘Essen-Pécs-Istanbul on Bike’ project has set out from Essen, bringing three lucky cities together in 2010.

The cities of Essen (Germany), Pécs (Hungary) and Istanbul (Turkey) share the title of European Capital of Culture this year. Originated by Dutch bicycling enthusiast Simon Wintermans, the ‘Essen-Pécs-Istanbul on Bike’ project is bringing these three lucky cities together. Wintermans, who set out from Essen-Zollverein on April 10, will reach Pécs on May 9 and Istanbul on June 22 on his journey connecting the 2010 cultural capitals.

The project, supported by the ıstanbul 2010, pécs 2010 and ruhr 2010 european capıtal of culture agencıes, also features talks wıth cultural fıgures ın each cıty. the three cıtıes’ hıstorıcal and cultural herıtages wıll be documented durıng the bıke tour and the ımages obtaıned used to make a documentary fılm and a book commemoratıng the trıp.

‘A group of Turkish writers, including Ayşe Kulin, Şebnem İşigüzel, Adalet Ağaoğlu, Sema Kaygusuz, Murat Uyurkulak, Elif Şafak and Ayfer Tunç, will be meeting with literature lovers in eight European cities as part of the ‘European Literature in Turkey - Turkish Literature in Europe’ project. The schedule is as follows: Sofia on May 4-7, Bucharest on May 10-14, Pécs on May 18-23, Vienna on May 25-29, Venice on May 31 - June 5, Zurich on June 7-11.